Tung Linh Pharmaceutical and the Vietnamese health care journey


With “Vietnamese Health Care Journey”, Tung Linh Pharmaceutical brand has been brought to Vietnamese consumers for more than 10 years.

Overview of Tung Linh Pharmaceutical

Tung Linh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was established in 2008. Through more than 15 years of development, Tung Linh pharmaceutical company has continuously grown. The products and services that the company provides are highly appreciated and trusted by customers; helping the company have a nationwide business network.

With the motto “PRESTIGE CREATES VALUE” and unremitting efforts, Tung Linh Pharmaceutical Company is always a pioneer in researching, developing and providing the market with new drugs of the best quality, meeting the needs of the market. Meet customer expectations and trust.

Currently the company is distributing more than 10 products including drugs and functional foods with a nationwide distribution network. Typical products include Tenofovir Mylan, Liver Marin, Thong Tam Lac…

The vision and mission that Tung Linh Pharmaceutical aims for
Tung Linh Pharmaceutical’s vision is to become a familiar brand to customers and suppliers. Always a pioneer in providing new medicines with the best quality. Aiming for the mission of improving community health through providing pioneering products and services. Thereby helping to develop business and bring harmonious profits to shareholders.

Why should you choose Tung Linh Pharmaceutical?
It is no coincidence that the products that Tung Linh Pharmaceutical distributes are trusted and used by many Vietnamese people. The commitments below will explain the attraction and reputation of this brand to customers.

– Customer-centric: Customer needs are the direction for Tung Linh’s products and services. Customer trust makes the company’s strength.

– Prestige and people are decisive factors for business success.

– Partner is you and is given priority

– The company is where people show off their abilities.

– Adapting to the market is culture

– Respect business ethics, community and transparency in all work.

Tung Linh Pharmaceutical with a nationwide distribution network
Tung Linh Pharmaceutical has a nationwide distribution network. Accordingly, patients can buy genuine products at hospitals and pharmacies nationwide. Products sold at hospitals, pharmacies or distribution units are guaranteed to have the right price, the right type of medicine and are instructed on the correct use and dosage by pharmacists.

Tung Linh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Address: House B-TT8-4, Him Lam Van Phuc Residential Area, Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Website: https://tunglinh.vn/

Hotline: (024) 6 2977 875

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